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My Mission:

  • I help companies select appropriate accounting software, and help them to use it efficiently.
  • My expertise lies with Adagio® Accounting (developed by Softrak Systems) and ACCPAC Plus™ (by Sage), plus related software, such as SAP Crystal Reports® and Microsoft® Excel.

My target client has:

  • At least one full time accountant or bookkeeper
  • No internal computer department
  • Five to 200 employees
  • A nagging feeling that its accounting procedures are less than optimal
  • The willingness to rely on one competent senior consultant, not on an ever-shifting cast of entry-level consultants.

Steven Schwartz, CPAWho am I?

  • A CPA, Wharton MBA and graduate of MIT
  • A resident of the Philadelphia suburbs
  • An ACCPAC®/Adagio consultant for more than 30 years
  • A consultant to over 200 businesses all over the the world
  • One of Softrak’s top business partners, both in reputation and in sales volume
  • A moderator of, a free and independent technical forum for Adagio and ACCPAC users.

What else?

  • I don’t take myself too seriously.
  • I try to be the consultant whom I myself would want to hire.
  • I am the author of a reference book called “Selecting Accounting Software”.  For a copy, email


"It’s a pleasure working with Steve. If you are in need of expertise in regards to your Adagio accounting system and desire quick resolution to problems and answers to questions, he is your guy."

John McDonough, CFO

"Working with Steve and his associates has been and continues to be a wonderful experience.

Steve has dramatically changed the way we operate. He is available, his response time is impeccable and his knowledge of Adagio is, well, authorial. Steve has an amazing memory and even with all his other work, he can easily recall the intricacies of my business. His knowledge of Adagio and how to make it work for Smith Wood is paramount."

Clay Smith, CEO

"Steve has proved to be invaluable for our organizational accounting processing requirements. Steve is an Adagio expert. He quickly creates custom reports upon request. He also helped our organization utilize positive pay with our bank. "

Scott Glassford, Controller

Online Technical Support

For online support, first contact us at 610.316.5171 or email for access.

Adagio Accounting

Adagio AccountingIf you want the facts about Adagio Accounting Software, check out Softrak System's website Here are my biased opinions…

  • For ACCPAC Plus users looking to move to a Windows solution, Adagio is the most natural upgrade path, much more natural than ACCPAC's own Windows solutions. In fact, Adagio was specifically designed as a way to ease ACCPAC Plus users into the Windows world.
  • For users of QuickBooks® and other similar packages, Adagio is the next step up in terms of both price and feature set. Its price range ($3K to $15K) is reasonable, and its ability to handle large transaction volumes, complicated inventory management, and flexible invoicing are common reasons users look to move up from the lower level packages.
  • Softrak Systems, the developer of Adagio, is wonderful to work with. Their technical support department is obsessively helpful, the higher ups are responsive to suggestions for improvement, and the whole company treats end users and business partners with respect.
  • Adagio works as advertised!

ACCPAC Plus Migrations

ACCPAC Plus has not been for sale since the late 1990's, and it is no longer supported by Sage. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of ACCPAC Plus users, and if you are still one, you will probably agree with the statement, “It still works”.

I continue to provide consulting services to ACCPAC Plus users. Also, the forum remains a way of receiving free tech support from experts worldwide.

ACCPAC Plus requires tweaking to work under Windows, and with the latest monitors and printers. It is not always compatible with anti-virus software, and sometimes it just inexplicably fails to run properly. It will not launch under Windows 10.

Some day, tweaking will no longer work. Even satisfied users of ACCPAC Plus, at least those who expect to remain in business for the foreseeable future, should be planning to replace it with Windows software, and the first place to look is Adagio.

Contact Me

If you have a question about my services or the products I recommend, or if you need help with your business's accounting system, please get in touch with me. I love what I do and am always happy to assist.

Phone: 610.316.5171

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Steven D Schwartz, CPA

Adagio Accounting and ACCPAC Migrations Specialist.


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